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How It Works

1. Send Files

Upload Audio Files

To get started I will need your raw audio tracking files for each song. You can record these either in a local studio or yourself. For tips on recording these files yourself you can email me. Once your tracking is complete just upload a .zip version of each of your songs to my secure server in your client dashboard.

2. Mixed At Studio

Mixed At Studio

Once I have your files they will be mixed at Anchorhead. Any programmed drums or DI guitars and bass will be run through my simulators. I'll ask for a couple reference songs so your mix will be exactly what you want. Unlimited revisions and edits are included so don't feel bad asking to change something.

3. Receive Masters

Receive Masters

Once you're completely satisfied your album will ready to download through a secure location. You now can either send these mixes to a mastering studio or for an additional fee you can cut-out the middle and have them mastered here. I will only put my name on work that holds up to my high-standard of quality. That means I don't cut corners and every decision is meticulously thought through.

Luke Hertzler

About Anchorhead

Anchorhead Recording Studio is owned and operated by Luke Hertzler out of Santa Cruz, CA. The English-born, American-grown producer was a self-taught guitarist and songwriter before opening his doors to expand his art. Luke grew up in and around music between two continents before studying at the University of Chico, CA, obtaining a degree in Music Industry & Technology.


I am currently available for new projects. For scheduling and rates please contact me below.

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