It goes without saying that anyone, no matter your career can have great taste in music. And some of these people especially do – in fact after Obama left office, it was reported that Spotify offered him the job of ‘President of Playlists’. Everyone loves a good playlist and they couldn’t be more “in” right now, so let’s take a look at a few playlists we might haven’t heard about.

1. President Obama’s Emotional Spotify Playlist Is a Hit.

Everyone was surprised when Obama dropped his playlist. His tunes include genres surf rock, soul, blues and hip-hop.



2. Sen. Chuck Schumer Burns Trump With Spotify Playlist

To mark the occasion of 100 days in office for Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer felt the best way to honor him was to create a playlist. This playlist is chalked full of puns aimed at the President.



3. NY Gov Cuomo’s Spotify Playlist

In the wake of Spotify announcing that it will be moving its United States headquarters to 4 World Trade Center in NY, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a playlist he created. It includes songs by New Yorkers and about New York.



4. Sen. Kamala Harris Drops Her Summer Spotify Playlist

To fill in Obama’s shoes for the summer California Sen. Kamala Harris has released her own summer jam.


5. Randy Voepel Responds to Budget with Spotify Playlist

Randy Voepel represents California’s 71st assembly district and felt the best way to get his opions across on the new budget was to make a playlist.


6. Paul Ryan Drops Gen-X Jock Jams Spotify Playlist

The House Speaker knows how to get down and iron up in the gym. He also likes to hunt catfish with his bare hands. His playlist includes such hits like the Beastie Boys and Rush. Rage Against the Machine apparently didn’t make the cut after Ryan’s public feud with Tom Morello.



7. Sen Cory Booker Pens Political Playlist

The New Jersey senator’s soundtrack features the like of Bruce Springsteen, 2Pac and Coldplay… ?


8. 82-year-old Sen. Orrin Hatch Flexes His Musical Talents in Playlist

Yeah – he might be super old, but apparently Sen. Orrin Hatch has some musical talent – playing the piano, violin and guitar. Not to mention he’s also a prolific songwriter and once managed a Mormom rock band called the Sons of Mosiah. Oh yeah – he’s also Mormon, but here’s his surprising not bad playlist.


9. The Wealthiest Member of Congress, Darrell Issa Drops Spotify Playlist with Pink Floyd’s “Money”

He’s really rich, in fact the Republican of California is the wealthiest member of Congress. So why not flaunt it and include “Money” in your playlist?


Some were good, some not so but that’s our list of political playlists. Please let us know if you find any more and we’ll be sure to add them to our list!

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