On April 18, 1987. A strange and mysterious newcomer took to the airwaves and changed life, as we knew it…Forever.

Suddenly, all across the land, volume knobs got cranked to the right. Heads began banging.

Hair began growing to unbelievable new heights. Black leather jackets overran the countryside, and tattoos began spreading over flabby American flesh like poison ivy…
Indeed, on that hallowed day, the world witnessed an event of truly monumental importance.

Mtv´s headbanger´s ball had arrived…
And Somehow, life was better.

Guns N’ Roses Trash The Set

Faith No More / Metallica

Dave Mustaine Skydiving / Queensrÿche and Aerosmith

Riki Rachtman’s Birthdays / Seattle Music Scene

Soundgarden / Pearl Jam

Nirvana / New Years Slayer / Paul Stanley

Ozzy Osbourne

In The Kitchen

Anthrax / Stone Temple Pilots / Alice In Chains

Metallica / Soundgarden