We live in exciting times as human beings. The digital boom and rise of high-speed Internet at the turn of the century has allowed us to be more connected than ever. Information is sent at the speed of light and knowledge that took thousands of years to acquire is now sitting in all of our pockets. Sounds like a pretty evolved society right? Then explain to me how this cat video has over 77 million views.


Joking aside, the speed and wealth of information has been put to good use. You can learn a new skill online, pay bills, find jobs, and network all with your phone. New apps are being built like clockwork and the digital landscape shifts and changes everyday. Everyone and anyone are now producing apps and tools for all industries. So where is our music industry app?


The Problem

There are plenty of tools out there for aspiring artists and musicians. In fact you can find something for just about any one of your needs. There’s awesome music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music. There are networking tools such as Facebook or Instagram; there’s tools to help you sell your music (bandcamp), establish a digital presence (BandZoogle), share your videos (YouTube) and even tools to help you book tours (IndieOnTheMove). There are a lot of different solutions out there for you to use.


Can you see the issue?

While there might be great options available in each niche – each one does a separate task individually. Integration is poor across these channels and for an aspiring artists or music entrepreneur you end up with a long list of separate logins and accounts.


Take the aspiring artist as an example.

Let’s say you’ve got a new band that just finished recording an album. You want to promote that album and give your fans a way to listen to it. So probably the first thing you do is make a Facebook account. Great, now you can communicate with your fans, they have a way of reaching out to you and you can send updates to them. But you realize you can’t add your music to your page. So you make a bandcamp account, upload your music and send people there. But now at bandcamp you realize you can’t upload your latest music video unless you pay a premium. So what do you do? You make a YouTube account and send people there. This goes on and on until you end up with 10 different accounts on 10 different platforms to achieve 10 different things.


So why is this happening?

The answer is really simple – the Internet has never had you in mind. They’ve had music in mind, videos in mind, social networking in mind etc… but no one’s ever created something with you as a fan, a musician, a band, a label, a venue, a business, a studio, a producer, etc. in mind.


That’s not until now – SoundVent is built with you, as a music lover and enthusiast in mind. We’ve created a platform to solve your needs as an aspiring artist and provided an outlet that the entire music industry can be a part of.


The Solution: An Integrated Platform for the Entire Music Industry

We built SoundVent out of frustration managing our own bands and music careers online. That use case example I just told you about? That was me just a couple of years ago setting up a bunch of different accounts all over the Internet to promote our work. How else would I know all these platforms – I’ve been there and done that. And just like you, I’m sick of it when I forget the password to 1 of my 10 accounts.


So how does it work?


Simply put – SoundVent is all of those tools mentioned above on 1 platform. SoundVent is a social network, a music-streaming app, a digital storefront, a video-streaming service, a tour booking tool and so much more. You can upload your music and photos, follow your favorite artists, make connections with like-minded people, pitch your music to record labels and manage your career.


An Integrated Solution

Part of what makes SoundVent so great is the ability to integrate your already existing channels and fanbases. Rather than these silo’d solutions that are currently available – we’re working with multiple APIs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to bring you a completely integrated platform capable of managing all these channels from 1 account. That means whatever you post on SoundVent also can be pushed to other media platforms.


Sounds too good to be true?


Yeah – it kind of is. And it’s also the reason why it’s taken us almost two years just to get to beta. This isn’t just another social network, streaming service or eCommerce site – it’s ALL of those things and then some and we’re really excited to show off our work. Be sure to check in on more SoundVent updates in the coming weeks and feel free to reach out to us anytime!