Haha ohhh man I love a good cringe-worthy video, especially when it comes to music videos. It’s so easy to fall down a rabbit hole browsing these – so to save you some time here’s my top 5 most-cringe worthy music videos.

1. Corey Feldman & the Angels – Go 4 It – Today Show

Damn… Not only is this one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard but it also has one of the worst titles ever. Go 4 It?! Seriously? Corey Feldman has absolutely no business in music, and his choreographed dancing has sent it to the top of numerous FAILS lists. Not to mention his “angels” are awkward as f***. Also – did anyone notice how he kinda looks like a vampire Legolas in this?

2. Crystal Lake – Your Style

Sweet band name bro. Crystal Lake is so talented they turn the auto-tune up to the max. Cuz it sounds sweet. I dunno exactly what’s going on in this music video – it’s just a miss-mash of all the classic cliche girl dancing and washing cars… cuz why not? Just try to hold out to the end, it gets better and better every minute.

3. Jake Paul – COME THRU feat. Erika Costell & KingBach

Don’t even watch this one. Not worth your time and I’ll never get that four minutes and thirty-five seconds back. But if you do watch one part skip to 2:55 and start cringing.

4. Lisa & Lena – NOT MY FAULT

There’s actually some good production value in this one. Too bad it’s completely awful – I’m sure whoever produced this video was cringing behind the camera. I couldn’t tell what accents they had at first, but after looking at the comments it appears they’re German. Boy do those German’s know how to pick ’em, as a bonus here’s a classic by the one and only Hoff himself.

5. Rappin’ for Jesus

Of course I’ve got to round this list out with one of the most amazing raps ever produced. There’s nothing like connecting with those youths like producing a dope-ass flow over a killer beat. Oh my god (pun intended), I don’t laugh out loud very often when I’m by myself, but when Mary Sue comes in and starts talking about how Jesus Christ is her nigga… I lost it. This is less than three minutes long, but my stomach is literally split. Can’t hang. My favorite comment from this video: “well at least they acknowledge jesus wasn’t white.” Good for them.


Honorable Mention – Korpiklaani – Wooden Pints

I found this band years and years ago and fell in love instantly. How could you not? This one is so cringe-worthy is surpasses any list. That violinist \m/