In the age of digital apps there’s lots of choices out there when it comes to improving and promoting your music and band. I’ve run down countless rabbit-holes in search of ways to make things easier and gain an upper edge. Through all this web surfing, I’ve come across some great resources… and some not so great resources. So, to save you some time, I’ve compiled my top 5 secret web tools for musicians and bands:




We’re planning on doing a more in-depth analysis and walk-through of Spreadshirt in the future, but for now let me get you up to speed. Spreadshirt is an online web app that allows you to design shirts and sell them at no up-front cost. This is great for bands and musicians that want to spend less time organizing and shipping merch, and more time for other things… you know… like playing music. Spreadshirt functions essentially like your automated warehouse. Just upload a design, pick a shirt (or sweatshirt/beanie/etc.) and approve it to your shop. When a fan purchases your shirt, Spreadshirt automatically processes the order, prints the shirt in their factory and ships it to the customer. Literally couldn’t be easier!

The catch? They take a small percentage of the sale to recoup for costs. It really isn’t that much though and you get to set your own prices so you could easily factor that in. I’ve personally used this service numerous times over the years and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Both the quality of shirt and print are spot on and they have friendly customer service if anything comes up.



I just recently came across BandZoogle and have been impressed with their offer. As a designer and developer myself, I don’t particularly need their service, but for someone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty coding a website, this is the service for you. BandZoogle makes it easy to set up a website in a few clicks. They even cover domain name purchasing and host the website for you. Choose from over 100 different design templates that are all mobile-ready and upload your music to the Internet. They also cover such features as mailing lists, ecommerce, traffic data reports and integration with other popular services such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. They’re also rated 9.5 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

Wanna learn more about BandZoogle? Check out Grassrootsy’s 10 Reasons Why We Love BandZoogle



Looking to do a worldwide digital music release, but have no money? No problem! With RouteNote you can do just that at no cost. Of course they take some off the top to recoup costs, but you still keep 85% of your royalties. The best part is you can switch to the premium option at any time to keep 100% royalties for only $30 (album) upfront. This is great for up and coming musicians and bands that don’t have enough popularity to do well in digital sales but still want to get their music out there. RouteNote distributes to all the major outlets including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon and more.

I’ve personally used RouteNote for releases and found it a great service. My release was pushed out to the major platforms in a timely manner and it was at no cost to me!


Joey Sturgis Tones

This one is for all you gear-heads and recording nerds out there. Joey Sturgis is the famed audio engineer and producer from Indiana. He rose to stardom after producing The Devil Wears Prada’s debut album and never looked back. He’s sort of like the Audio Engineer/Producer prodigy of our time. Specializing in metal, metal-core, death-core (all the cores really), and rock Joey has now opened up his own site of tones, plugins, samples, and lessons to teach you how to become a better engineer and producer. He also runs a great YouTube channel and provides excellent insight and little known tips to improve the sound of your recordings. His Studio Pass course hosted at CreativeLive is rated 5 out of 5 and is relatively inexpensive.



Of course, we round out our top 5 Secret Web Tools for musicians and bands with our very own SoundVent. While we’re still in Beta production, you can be rest assured that this tool will surpass and exceed all your expectations. SoundVent is unlike any other music app out there. We’re a social media platform, streaming service, and online ecommerce shop all in one. We wanted to create a platform that puts the music at the center, that’s why all our content is user-generated and moderated. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to SoundVent, so head on over to and sign up for our mailing list to get early access to our platform.


That about does it for my top 5 secret web tools for musicians and bands. Make sure to check them all out and let me know if you have other tools you like to use in the comments section.